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2017-2020 : BsC, Information technology; Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Bergen)

Thesis title: Predicting sales volumes with an on-demand ML model platform



Summer internship (2019)

Responsible for development of microservices running on AWS, native Android/iOS apps. Conversion from native mobile apps to Flutter.

Sofware Engineer (2020-tdd)

Responsible for day-to-day development & operations. Android developer. Representative for DNB facing universities and on tech events, hosting workshops, among other activities. Responsible for internal web-based developer/management tools.

Design-developer interaction including a complete, adaptive design system library writen from scratch with Flutter.

YPN Bergen Board member (2020-tdd)

Sitting board member of Young Professionals Network Bergen, arranging internal events, workshops and conferences within DNB.

YoungTech Bergen

Benevolent Dictator for Now (2020-tdd)

Currently sitting chairman of YoungTech Bergen


Board member (2017-tdd)

Currently sitting board member of Bluewhale AS.

CTO (2017-tdd)

Responsible for co-founding and developing a small, technology-driven startup. General tasks include management, product development, branding/social strategies, etc.

Bjarkan SB:

CEO (2019-2020)

Fresh tech agency based in Bergen, with a focus on startups. Advisory, digital competence and development resources, exchanged for ownership.

Combined management and development role. Responsibilites include customer relations, engineering lead, architecture and management tasks.

Freelancer (2016-tdd)

Freelance developer and consultant, working on several projects both as sole contractor and as a part of a team. Mostly development of Web APIs, mobile apps (Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, Android) and cloud services (GCP, Terraform, general automation), and as a DevOps consultant.

Technical Experience


Project member (2020)

On-demand ML models, as a platform.

  • Developing a pipeline for complex deliveries of personalized data models (Python, TensorFlow)
  • Developing services backing up the Antive platform (Go, Kafka)
  • Templating and provisioning an event-driven cloud infrastructure, resource management and orchestration (GCP, Kubernetes, Istio, Knative)


Lead Architect (2017-tdd)

Seamless contact management platform.

  • Architecting a processing engine for optimization indexation and organization of contact data
  • CI/CD pipeline development for cloud services aswell as client distributions
  • Templating and provisioning an event-driven cloud infrastructure, resource management and orchestration (GCP, Firebase, Kubernetes, Istio, Knative)
  • Developing reactive services on top of an event-driven architecture (Go, gRPC, Rx)
  • Developing of fully featured, native iOS/Android apps (Flutter, Swift, Kotlin)
  • Developing external APIs (gRPC, OpenAPI) and developer portal


  • Concept and UI/UX design & animation for Diple, aworkout app made for modern instructors (Figma, Adobe Suite)
  • Backend services for Diple (Go, gRPC)
  • Design and architecture of reusable, base-line templates for rapid development and release (Terraform, HCL)

Open Source

Mostly contribution to Dart projects, as well as personal open-source projects for the Dart community



Interested in and working with Cloud Native technologies such as Kubernetes, gRPC, Knative, Helm, Prometheus, Jaeger, etc.


Experienced with web technologies including JAMstack, React, Next, Webpack/Babel, WebGL & WebAssembly


Deep experience with mobile development in Flutter, Xamarin and React Native as well as native platform-level APIs.

Game development

Experience with the Unreal Engine C++ APIs and graphics stack, as well as the Slate framework, AutomationTool and UnrealBuildTool.



Extensive experience developing native applications, web servers and client applications for iOS, Android, Web, macOS, Windows, Linux & Raspberry Pi (Flutter). Broad knowledge of standard library APIs in Dart, good understanding of lower-level Flutter rendering mechanisms and tooling.

Engaged community member and contributor, with multiple open-source projects available at as well as articles on Medium


Experience developing scaleable and robust TypeScript web applications (Node, Deno) and clients (React/Next, Vue)


Experience developing high-quality, accessible Android applications.


Experience developing microservices, cryptographic functionality, web applications and APIs using Java, Micronaut, Javalin and Spring


Experience developing web applications, desktop/UWP applications and mobile applications using .NET Core, .NET Framework and Xamarin/Xamarin.Forms/WPF


Experience with graphical programming, virtual environments, game logic and interactive programs with the Unreal Engine C++ APIs


Experience templating infrastructure as code (Terraform)

Basic knowledge of Go, Python, Shellscript, Swift, Groovy


  • Human Languages:

    • Norwegian (native speaker)
    • English
    • Spanish
  • Certifications:

    • GCP Associate Cloud Engineer
    • Xamarin Mobile Professional
  • Courses/challenges:

    • Gründerhub 2018
    • StartupExtreme 2018
    • DNB Digital Challenge 2019
    • Emax Norway 2020